Get Your Metabolic On!

Welcome to the Dining Services Managers pledge to get fit!  Every week day until May 10th staff members are volunteering to blog about their eating and exercise habits to attain a healthy lifestyle.  The intention of this blog is to make our readers more aware of the healthy choices we have on campus.  Every other week a cumulative weight will be posted with a final weigh in on May 10th.

The current cumulative weight of the 7 participating managers is 1493 lbs, which is still under the weight limit of the Markee Pioneer Student Center elevator, but we would like to invite more people to our elevator parties!  In hopes of doing this we have agreed to lose 5% of our total body weight by the deadline, which is an entire whopping 75 lbs!!!

We encourage positive feedback, please feel free to leave a question or comment on any of these posts.

And that’s the way the cauliflower crumbles!


4 responses to “Get Your Metabolic On!

  1. sweetness,,,, I am all for healthy eating on campus… I am definitely going to keep on eye on this one and try and participate myself

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