New Creations… Snacking Problems…

DAY ONE… Complete

Caloric total for day is just under my goal of 1800 calories. That statement alone may look like success but when I looked back on my day over 1/3 of my calories were from snacking. Granted a lot of the snacks where healthier foods such as trail mix, it was still an overwhelming amount of unnecessary calories. My snacking intentions always start out good “just a little snack to hold me over until the next meal” and then before I know it most of the bag of trail mix is gone.

I did however finish the day off with two positive notes I had a smaller dinner of an omelet seen in the cover picture with a left over hot dog bun toasted with some strawberry jam on it. Omelets are so easy to make all you really need is veggies, cooking spray, a frying pan and an egg. I picked up the veggies from the salad bar at the crossing before heading back to my residence hall tonight. The omelet tasted great and the whole meal came in at just under 300 calories.

The second positive of the day involves a hobby of mine. Trying new recipes and making my own. Tonight’s mission was to recreate a healthier version of one of my favorites “puppy chow” the standard puppy chow is loaded with fats and sugars but tastes so delicious. My plan was to attempt to mimic the same taste and texture with less sugar and fat. Instead of coating the cereal with a chocolate, butter, and peanut butter and then coating it with tons of powdered sugar, my plan was make chocolate cook and serve pudding extra thick and stir in a little peanut butter for flavor. I coated the cereal with this mixed spread it on a cookie sheet and refrigerated for 1 hour. Then put it in a plastic bag and sprinkled it with a package of sugar free vanilla pudding and a little bit of powdered sugar. The result tasted fabulous (almost better than normal puppy chow. However I have some work I have to do adjusting the recipe to get the texture to work as well. The result of my creation was 120 calories 2.7 grams of fat and 8.4 grams of sugar per 1/2 cup servings. That is opposed to 200 calories 8 grams of fat and 17 grams of sugar in the Chex Muddie Buddy recipe.

The most successful part of creating the recipe is I had fun doing it. See a picture of the results below!!

Puppy Chow


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