Could It Be? Spring?

At long last the needle starts to move. It’s not that I have redoubled my efforts. I have been too busy to focus on food. Yesterday was just a bite here and a nibble there as we prepared for the Grill Out, Chill out. In fact I forgot to write my blog and now I am submitting this a day late.

I would imagine that many students are in the same boat this time of year, with projects and papers piling up and finals looming. So a bit of advice from the “do as I say, not as I do” catagory: don’t forget to sit down and eat. A body cannot run on reserves indefinately. And regular meals help to keep the brain functioning properly, something I’m told that students need.

Not only that, thirty years of working in restaurants taught me that skipping meals lead to some bad food habits. I would be done with work by 11 p.m., having been too busy to eat all night, then go home and look in the fridge. At that time of night whatever is easiest and fastest takes priority over what is healthy. So the fruits and vegetables would stay behind to spoil while I nuked a couple of hot dogs.

So as the weather turns warmer later on this week, grab a few friends and fire up the barbecue. A little time spent with good food and good company has to be better than eating a bag of Cheetos while you grind out that last paper. Happy Spring!


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