Summer Fun

Good Morning!!!  Well there is only a week left in the semester.  Graduation is in a couple of days which means summer is just right around the corner.  It seems like spring just arrived and now we are jumping into summer.  I’m ok with that because summer means fresh veggies from our garden, grill outs and campfires. I just love campfires(and s’mores)  I personally tend to eat healthier in the summer because of all the fresh produce available.  The only downfall to summer is my workout class takes a break from May until September.  So after finals week, I’ll need to put together a summer workout program for myself.  Not sure what that is going to be yet, but maybe P90X or getting up before 5am and going for a morning walk/run, anyone have any suggestions??? 

I understand the last few days of the semester can be very crazy with finals, packing up and moving, using up your meal plans and/or just preparing for the next step in your life (graduation, job searching, vacations or working on campus for the summer).  Take some time this next week to eat healthy, get some sleep and exercise.  It will make taking those finals so much easier.  I hope everyone enjoys their summer and I encourage you to visit a few farmers markets this summer.

Good Luck with Finals and I look forward to blogging next fall.  I’ll have results of my summer workout plan and which farmers markets I was able to visit over the summer.


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