The End Results Are…

At the beginning of the semester when the team of managers got together and decided to do this it was because we wanted to show our students how easy it is to be healthy… boy were we wrong.  Even with all of the healthy options right in front of us, provided at each and every location every day it still isn’t easy to always make those choices.  The management team started at a total weight of 1493 pounds and ended with a total weight of 1451, that is a loss of 42lbs!!!  Many of the managers were frustrated when they sent their end weight to me, things got tough during the middle of the semester and they wanted to turn things around before the end but life just got busier and being healthy just got tougher.  At the end of the day a 42lb loss is much better than a 42lb gain and while life can get tough and it is easy to fall off the healthy wagon one can always jump back on.

Thank you to those of you that continued to read our blog throughout this semester.  We will continue to blog about the healthy meal options on campus and will now be able to include all of the exciting new ones available at the new dining hall!

Have a wonderful summer and remember you can eat anything you want in moderation, just make sure to work it off!

And that’s how the cauliflower crumbles…


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