Happy Monday Platteville!

While the majority of students are off enjoying a break, my co-workers and I,  are here on campus diligently working on changes for the coming school year.  This morning I’ve been working on finding some yummy recipes to test. I am mainly focusing on healthy items for our students and staff that are Vegan or Vegetarian friendly.  I am not Vegan nor Vegetarian, but I enjoy experimenting with recipes that are a combination of the two. (If anyone who is reading this has some tasty Vegan ,Vegetarian,  Gluten or Dairy Free Recipes, shoot me an e-mail! I’d love to try your recipes! hochhaho@uwplatt.edu) So this morning on my recipe search I came across this article featuring the best super foods for weight loss


Some of the super foods surprised me, pears, kidney beans, eggs and potatoes? I never would have thought of some of these foods as super foods, let alone beneficial for weight loss. So I’ve added the website to my computer’s favorites. I’m going to try to include these foods in more of the dishes here at GVC, and my own personal diet.

I hope everyone is having a great spring break Monday! Image


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