Weekend Weight

So, I’m really here mostly as a guide to make sure posts have appropriate photos and to show encouragement for my peers, but I have a problem I’m looking for some support with. All week I eat well and I lose weight by the end of the week, but once Friday rolls around it’s a free-for-all. And over the course of the weekend, I gain the weight back that I lost all week. It’s hard when most weekends I’m out socializing with friends and go out to restaurants or entertainment venues. I won’t necessarily get a salad, but know better than to have anything that’s been fried and laden in butter. Weekends are a time to relax and unwind, and get ready for the next week. Any suggestions for still having the time of my life while being cautious about my health? Do those two things really go hand-in-hand?!? Have a great weekend everyone!

Leeann, marketing coordinator


6 responses to “Weekend Weight

  1. While being on Weight Watchers….one thing that the program has taught me is that you can still have those items…deepfried…etc but just less of them. My problem in the past has been that I eat way too much. When I ordered my Friday fish fry, I would get the 3 piece instead of the 2 piece and fries and a soda. Now I get the 2 piece, fries, salad, and water.These little changes do add up in the long run.

    I have stopped soda all together, a fountain “juice” (lemonade or fruit punch) occasionally, but mainly water or natural juices (grapefruit, grape, apple), my other issues that I have overcome is my potion size for juices, when I stopped drinking soda before, i defaulted to juice, but drank way too much of it. Limiting myself to a serving size and follow up with water if still thirst.

    So with what I have learned, I do still think it is possible to have fun and still enjoy the food you love on the weekends, just need to find ways to make those options healthier. By adding a side salad or smaller portions. I have stumbled along the way, learned from those mistakes and try to avoid those foods, or in most cases fine a better/healthier alternative that I still love to eat.

    And being on WWs for over 3 months now, I have noticed that I am beginning to lose those cravings for the not so healthy food and have a a desire for the healthy options…more fruits and vegetables as snacks. I will never give up my fried fish on Friday though.

    • Thanks for sharing Josh! I know what you mean about fish on Fridays, (in my soprano opera voice) love it! I do prefer baked fish with just Old Bay seasoning and lemon juice when I make it at home, but Friday night beer batter in Wisconsin is tradition…

  2. Leeann – I totally understand where you are coming from. I do the same thing on weekends: “weekends are FREE”. However, I try to eat breakfast on the weekends and that fills me up for the day, then something light for lunch and I just totally dig in for dinner.

    We usually are so busy on weekends: Dinner with friends or traveling to visit family or just running around so it’s difficult but everything in moderation. And maybe begin with a big glass of water, that will fill you up before you begin your meal or treat. The water thing helps me!!! Good Luck and let us know how this weekend was!

    • Well…let’s see. I went out for fish fry Friday night (beer battered), Saturday I didn’t eat breakfast but we went out for brunch in Madison and I had an omelet with hash browns and pancakes (only ate half of everything), Saturday night was pizza, Sunday no breakfast again but made homemade quesadillas for lunch and Italian beef sandwiches for dinner. I was pretty exhausted Sunday night after spending all afternoon cleaning: scrubbing tile and cleaning grout. This morning, the scale displayed a number I knew I would not be happy with. Oh well, by the end of the week I should be down again and will try again next weekend! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I agree with Crystal, Drinking Water before helps,many times we mistake the feeling of hunger for dehydration. Cutting something in half and sharing. Letting your friends know that you are working on weight loss, eating healthier, and asking for encouragement (My friends all help me along and are very supportive).

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