It’s a new day!

Good Morning!!!

Since I my last post I’ve gone back to my workout class in Dodgeville!  You wouldn’t think taking a few weeks off would be such a big deal.  Well it was, it took most of last week for my body to start feeling better because it was so sore.   Anywho… I’m glad I went back and it feels great.  The weather was getting nice out but I’m not sure what Mother Nature is thinking because today it is cold!!!

I do not run… I mean if anyone has ever followed me, I walk really fast but I’m not really a fan of running.  But the students are really pushing me into running for the Color Run coming up on April 20th.  So…. I think I’m going to attempt to run but probably end up walking most of it next Saturday.  Is anyone else running in any races anytime soon?


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