Spring Break

Hello and Happy Spring

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break thus far.  After a few days of work this week, I took Thursday and today off to spend some time with my husband and the best nephew in the world, Noah!!!  Thursday, I finished cleaning our home and took our dogs: Apollo, Brewer and Tray for a walk outside.  Then I went to Dubuque and went shopping.   Everyone knows how much work it is to try on a number of outfits and shoes….. Believe it or not, I came home without one new outfit!  L     I know sad face, very sad face.  This girl needs new jeans, my sister keeps telling me that I do not fit into any of my jeans and it looks like I’m wearing jeans that are 3 sizes too big. Anyway, the jean hunt will continue.

Today, I got to hang out with the coolest toddler EVER!!!  Really I did!  Noah is our nephew and he’ll be two in May.  He lives in Indiana with my sister in-law and her husband.  We do not get to see this little man very often.  So today was special, my sister in-law was in Mauston(husband’s hometown) for Easter with our little munchkin.  We were up before 8am, got all the toys out of the toy box and from his crib, then we had some breakfast and played some more.  We read books, played puzzles and of course we use my in-laws house as our large play ground for the day since the snow hasn’t melted in Mauston yet.  We even played with our little dog coco.  Coco wasn’t too fond of us running around the house, but he played with us for a while.  We even colored eggs, which was kind of a mess for an almost two year old but we were at grandma’s house ;).  Anyway, we had tacos for lunch and then it was time for a nap!  Auntie Crystal even got a few minutes of rest.  After our nap is was more playing until it was time to go out for supper.  After supper Josh and I had to head for home.  We said our good-byes and packed up the truck…  ON our way home, Josh and I didn’t even stop for ice cream…. which we usually always stop for ice cream.  So I would say that today was a very active day and I burnt a ton of calories with my favorite little boy but didn’t even notice really because I was having so much fun.  Picture taken by Noah.  Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Spring Break and don’t eat too many chocolate bunnies!!   Not going to lie, I’m going to pig out on bunny cookies, they are my FaVoRiTe.


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