Long and Winding Road

It is gratifying to learn that I am not the only blogger to faulter in my mission. There is something about visiting relatives that makes one forget the limits imposed by the quest for a healthy lifestyle.  And now that one distraction has been removed, I must not go down that road again, for there will always be something to turn my head away from the goal.

The next big distraction should be the arrival of Spring. And that distraction should be a positive one. Time to get off of the hampster wheel and get outside for some real exercise. Crazy Legs is just around the corner and I’m not ready to even walk the short course.

Then that will lead right into bicycle season. Anything outside, away from  the couch and the fridge, will be an improvement over the treadmill. Spring should arrive all at once this year. I just want to be ready when it is finally here.

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