Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I thought I had blogged something, started talking to Crystal, and well I don’t know where it went. Jeeze it’s been one of those days!  Excitement is in the air here at GVC, we have our brand new wok in the building. It’s over in the corner calling me to come cook something on it, but it’s not entirely hooked up yet, so playing will have to wait! (Plus I’m pretty sure Chef Steve will be the first to fire it up)

Brenda our salads cook and I have been working on coming up with some new tasty salad recipes, easy on the fats.  Today we made a bow tie pesto pasta salad, no mayo, but plain yogurt as the dressing. We got some thumbs up and some  “uhh, that’s different” responses.  We will keep working on it! She made an awesome loaded potato salad that uses sour cream instead of mayo.. it’s YUMMY! (GOOD WORK BRENDA!)

Onto the pecan’s picture. Pecans have become my favorite snack.  I’ve been purchasing a can of Planters Pecans with Sea Salt.  The other day I was at the store, going to get another one, when I thought “Geeze Holly, What are you doing?”  These nuts are close to $6.00 per can, yes this girl goes for the high dollar snacks I guess.(I also love Pom WOW Juice and that’s like $4+ a bottle)  I guess I had an epiphany in the store , or was taken back to a New Years Eve 4+ years ago, when a Chef I worked with and I were toasting pecans, and made Cinnamon Roasted Pecans to top a salad with a Champagne Vinaigrette. “DUH, Why didn’t I think of that! MAKE MY OWN!!”  So needless to say Sunday, I toasted my own nuts and topped them with a few cranks of my sea salt grinder. Taste just as good as the Planters, got more bang for my buck, and I don’t have to worry about any additives or anything that was in those nuts.  I keep a bag of them in my car, because when I leave work 8:30PM or later, I’m hungry for a snack. I’m also going strong on the no soda, I haven’t had one since the first week in Jan.

This weekend is my 1st 5K of the Year. I won’t be running because my 3 year old and my husband are joining me on it, but it will still be fun.  We will also get to visit with the Easter Bunny Post Race!

I hope everyone has a safe, fun and relaxing spring break!

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