Winter Weather + Travel= Uggghhh

Much like the rest of the bloggers, this blogger has not had an easy time lately.  I spent a week in Las Vegas for a Catering Conference, imagine that a conference dedicated solely to food and beverage and located in Las Vegas… what a nightmare!  Of course it was a wonderful time, the weather was beautiful and every second I had I was outside walking but the food was… well delicious.  I have been doing weight watchers for about 6 weeks now, and it has worked out for me, I’m down 13lbs total.  I decided that while in Vegas I wasn’t going to count, I was just going to let myself eat but not over eat and walk enough to work it off.  It seemed to work out for me, I didn’t put on any weight, however I feel very sluggish after coming back.  I think it’s important that people remember why they eat healthy and work out, it’s not about the weight that you are or the weight that you lose, it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, doing what is good for your body and feeling good.

After returning from Las Vegas I have found it difficult to do anything.  This winter weather is really killing my mood and my desire to run, which I miss.  I know that I need to not make excuses and just get out and do something but can’t it just be spring already?!?!?!  This weekend I leave for Cancun, I’m going to take running gear and run on the beach, that should get me back in to the routine and I am going to count what I eat.  I now realize that stopping even for that small amount of time can seriously throw you off.

Happy first day of spring tomorrow!

One response to “Winter Weather + Travel= Uggghhh

  1. I totally agree with Heather. This month has been CrAzY!! I stopped going to my Tuesday/Thursday workout class this month because I was just needing to miss so many Tuesdays and Thursdays because of work that it wasn’t worth it. I’m starting back up on April 2nd at 5pm! I’m trying to get moving with some other workout this month and well I’m failing at that as well. Still trying to eat healthy…but that of course isn’t going well. I WILL DO BETTER!!! but like Heather I feel like taking a week off has turned into being week 3 of being “on a break” WE CAN DO IT!!!

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