not much weight loss yet

I have not lost as much weight as I thought I would at this point.  I wrestled in High School and a little in college and dropping weight was really easy.  It gets tougher the older you get.  I really need the weather to turn nice so I can get outside more and burn some calories.  Its almost impossible for me to lose weight by diet alone.  I did ok today for lunch today, tried the chicken lo mien at Platters it was good but could not resist a half portion of dirt dessert.  Maybe I’ll do a situp when I get home


2 responses to “not much weight loss yet

  1. I also wrestled in high school…. and back in the day dropping weight was super easy…. that could also be because I was way more active… A six minute match burns upwards of 400 calories… I don’t even want to know how much I burned in a 2 hour practice… sometimes I miss the good old days

  2. I have been on WeightWatchers since the beginning on the year with my wife and I have lost 30.2 pounds so far. At first I was craving soda and junk food. But now, almost 2.5 months in to the plan, I am craving fruits and healthy snacks instead of the junk food I use to eat.
    Stopping soda, only had 3 sodas since the new year and they were early in the year too when the craving was too much. I have done very little exercise outside of 5000 steps a day. I have biked here and there for 30 minutes.

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