I love FOOD

Well the past week has been a struggle for this kid!!!  I haven’t gained any weight but I’m not feeling the healthiest that is for sure.  As many of you know, last week I was in Arizona for a conference and when you go to these gatherings, there is ALOT of temptations!!! 

If you are anything like me, you always purchase food and beverage in airports before your flights.  I’m such a dork and too freaked out by TSA to carry any snacks in my carry on AND I’m too cheap to pay $5 for a water so I always purchase a soda or juice or something other than water.  I hate paying for water, water should be FREE even if it’s in a bottle.  So as you’ve found out.. I didn’t eat well on the way their nor on the way home. 

Sunday evening, after we arrived to the hotel, I order room service while I was working on some prep work for the conference and of course I decided I needed that chocolate brownie with fruit and ice cream!  I thought since it had fruit, it was all good. AND it was AMAZING!!!! 🙂 

Monday & Tuesday at the conference – they always feed you snacks(popcorn, trail mix, cookies, cereal bars, brownies, etc.) and soda(I know I should of drank water) in between all the meetings and sessions.. big breakfast and lunches.  Since the food was provided at the conference I always feel like I should eat during them and that is usually a way to network with others. 

Tuesday Evening – We ate at the Culinary Dropout in Arizona.  This place was delish!  Great place to eat if you are in Scottsdale, AZ.  Of course I over ate here.  But it’s not everyday one can enjoy fine dining like this. 

– I know I’m making excusses –   I did pack workout gear… but didn’t make it to the workout area.

Wednesday was another day filled with conference food, snacks and drinks.  It was a baseball themed day, so we enjoyed hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn, pizza and tacos.  I brought my “A” game to the batting cages and pitching cage that evening while the final festivities were coming together.  Then it was up early and off to the airport which I again didn’t eat very well that day.  

So I was busy most of the weekend and didn’t have time to prepare meals.  Today was a busy day at work and I tried “Cooking w/ Holly’s” recipes = delish!  I had to try a new cookie from the bakery, I had three sodas( I usually only have 1) today and some eggs with potatoes for breakfast. 

But tomorrow is my day to get back into it!!!  I’m getting up early, going to have a good breakfast, water, water and water.  I’m GOING to attend my workout class in Dodgeville and get back on track! 

We all have bumps in the road but it’s just knowing when it’s time to get back on the bike and keep pedaling.  Tomorrow, I ride!!!  Night Night Blog Buddies!!!        

Picture from AZ…. We soon will be cutting grass and planting flowers!  I hope!

4 responses to “I love FOOD

  1. So you dusted the old T-wolf pride off and showed em how it’s done int the batting cages. Awesome! If some of you don’t know Crystal and I went to rival High Schools.. and battled each other on the Softball field a few times. (I think my high school lost many of those match ups, but still fun times!) Sounds like you had a fun trip!

  2. #22 – shortstop! I didn’t hit any home runs at the conference but I got a few grounders that’s for sure. I normally bunted when I was at the plate in high school. Holly, I forgot what position did you play? Yes, we were rival schools growing up. Great times!! That reminds me, my class reunion is this summer. I better get in shape!!

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