It would seem that like some of the other authors on this blog, that I am stuck. Stuck at the same weight for two weeks, floating 2 pounds either side of 238. I find that it is not the meal times that give me trouble, it’s snack time.

Today, for example, snack time seems to be running all day. Perhaps what is stuck is my notion of an appropriate snack. Two months ago it was always sweets. Things haven’t changed that much. I just don’t reach for that cookie every time, but often enough.

I am trying to keep snacks to real food. A little protein, a little fruit, a little dairy is what I need. To bad it isn’t always what I crave. So for now I will manage with the string cheese and the apple as I look forward to one of my favorite dinners at Glenview Commons, the asparagus and cashew pilaf. Put that together with the oven fried chicken and a big salad and I should be back on track.

4 responses to “Stuck

  1. I am having the same issues…. When I start snacking a lot of the time I have trouble stopping… some days that snacking is adding up to over 700 calories… does anyone have any ideas or advice on how to control snacking habits?

  2. Something that I have learned with a major diet plan is when you snack, have your nomral snack and along with that, have a piece of fruit. It has been working for me. I have lost roughly 26lbs since the new year. Chips and an apple, string cheese and a banana, or just a piece of fruit.

  3. Try drinking a glass of water 1st. Sometimes we are not hungry…we are just bored. If after the water and you are still hungry, then try fruit, popcorn, pretzels, cheese or a yogurt.

  4. The MyFitnessPal app made me very aware of where extra calories come from. I, personally, have made sure I don’t have bad snacks available like chips and cookies. I have a sweet tooth and love salty things too when I snack. I keep roasted red pepper hummus and Parmesan pretzel crisps on hand for my salt craving (The Perk got me started on my hummus binge!). I have found that snacking on veggies like sugar snow peas and cut red peppers satisfy my sweet tooth, along with red grapefruit segments (I have a giant jar full from Walmart) and grapes, which all have a lot of water content too which also satisfy my snacking. Sometimes you just need something bad and that’s when I turn to a peanut butter granola bar (full of sugar) or Keebler’s 100 calorie snack packs like vanilla yogurt-covered pretzels, but those are getting rarer as my go to. Hope some of that helped and goodluck!

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