New Semester… New Challenges

Good Morning Everyone,

My name is Nate S., I am a sophomore Civil Engineering Major at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. I am originally from north central Wisconsin; I grew up on a small beef farm. I have generally been a very active person throughout most of my life. In high school I was a three sport varsity athlete, running track and cross country and I also wrestled. I competed at the state level seven different times. Eating healthy and staying active was no problem for me in high school as I was burning crazy numbers of calories in a day and had motivation to eat healthy food since I wanted to properly refuel my body to compete at a high level. I avoided almost all desserts and candy and did not drink soda (Actually I haven’t had a soda in 7 years).

Over the last year and a half things have changed a little bit. My workout routine has been off and on and my eating habits have taken a turn for the worse. This semester has been by far the worst. I have been very busy with a tremendous work load from classes and also other commitments. I am involved a numerous organizations on campus as well as a Resident Assistant in McGregor Hall and a Production Assistant for Media Technology Services. I have not been able to get into a workout routine, and my eating habits are far from ideal. With how busy my semester has been I don’t really have a regular eating schedule either (other than breakfast) as I am always on the go. I also find myself snacking a lot when I am under stress or tired; chocolate always seems to be my body’s natural tendency to crave (it has been shown to potentially calm to body and relieve stress.) I am hoping that by blogging I can not only related my past experiences to others that might be having the same struggles but I can also hold myself accountable for my personal health. I plan to start using the My Fitness Pal App on my tablet to track my calories, with a daily goal of 1800 calories. Hopefully this goal will help me lose to weight I have been gaining this semester. I also think it is important to make those 1800 calories count by eating wholesome good for you foods. If a person consumes 1800 calories of junk food their body is not going to feel satisfied at all and continue to feel hungry. Dining Services has many options that will help me to reach my goal eating three healthy well rounded meals with a couple healthy snacks if need be.

Now that I have put myself to the challenge, I will get my motivation from the other bloggers, and I am expecting to be held accountable by each and everyone of you readers!!

P.S. Thank you Dining Services for creating and managing this blog and allowing me to join. I will do my best to write as often as I can but with my busy schedule it may be difficult some days.

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