Vacation and life style changes


As some of you know I have been on vacation for a week and will be returning to true life changes again on Monday. Here are a few things that I have been doing to still enjoy my time with family and friends, but yet stay on track with my goals. I have managed to get in 2 short runs by getting up and lacing up my shoes before fellowship with the group. A few other things you can do to get a little more exercise is park the car in the back of the parking lot, take the stairs, and ask anyone if they would like to go for a walk. Now let’s talk about eating on vacation because we all know it’s our favorite thing to do. Look for a lighter start to the day in order to save room for beverage calories later on, share a dessert or appetizer, and try something new and healthy at a restaurant. Also, if possible, pack your own snacks to prevent getting overly hungry and running to the nearest concession stand. Many menu’s offer lighter fare selections that will help guide you as you are selecting. Hope everyone has a great and safe time on their upcoming travels to the fun in the sun!

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