What’s for Din Din??

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I’ve had a fairly good food day!  This morning I had a small hot chocolate from the Perk, 230 calories for breakfast.  I had a busy morning: placing a rather large order for the market from our c-store vendor to replace the items that were sold over the weekend and ran across campus for staff interviews that began at 8am.  After the interviews, I returned to the market to finish up with the milk order and process some paperwork.  I also tried the nachos that Platters had for lunch today.  I just had a few chips, taco meat, cheese and tomatoes.  Not sure how many calories that was… but since it was a small portion, my rule = it was ok!

Now, it’s time to think about what’s for dinner.  Some of you may or may not know this about me…. But I do not have an oven.  That’s correct the Taylor Ranch doesn’t have an oven.  We have a stove top, crock pot, pizza oven and a GRILL!!

Josh and I use our grill all the time.  Josh and I also have a very busy lifestyles so eating dinner together is a treat! AND tonight we are eating dinner together!   I haven’t decided what I’m cooking for dinner this evening but here are the two choices.  Help me decide!!!

Cajun Chicken Pasta on the Lighter Side


or –

Cranberry Apple Chicken Salad


Vote for which recipe I should make this evening and I’ll post pictures tomorrow with the results!!!     

6 responses to “What’s for Din Din??

  1. Which did you go with? They both look fabulous…
    Also I justed wanted to sawy thast as grill really cake work wonders during the summer when it is super hot and I don’t want to heat yup the house even more the grill is a go to..for burgers steaks and veggies. I even have made pizzas, breads, brownies and cookies on it…. Just need to know how to adjust the heat that is all
    So another question Gas or Charcoal?

  2. I made both! I’ll post some pinterest pictures and some crystal pictures. I love making pizzas on the grill Nate! I’ve never done cookies or brownies. You might have to share your recipe. And we use gas

    • I have gas at home to… it doesn’t have the great flavor of charcoal… but it is so convenient…. and you can still get great flavor by using smoke blocks… I don’t really have a recipe I just was experimenting one summer and just removed the heat from under the cookie sheet and got the grill to the right temperature and kept my eye on them… trial and error types of things… cooking should be fun…. great pics by the way too!!

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