True Inspiration

I wanted to share with everyone the success of one of my friends. My friend Jamie  is really tearing up the pavement! You can see my friend Jamie’s Blog at

Jamie has had great success with weight watchers and you can see her story of how she has lost over 160 pounds! She also has some awesome recipes on her site and the point values, these are dishes her and her husband enjoy. I’ve made some of them as well. The buffalo chicken cups are really great! (Easy too!) She too works at a College Campus, Cleveland State University, so she knows all to well the temptations of college dining.

Jamie and I met maybe 11 years ago, I was in my first year at Carroll College, and Jamie was a older wiser Sophomore. Jamie was a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta  Sorority and I was a new member of Chi Omega. We found common ground in Greek Life and often times met for lunch at the MDR (Main Dining Room) on campus.  Through the years we’ve kept in contact through Facebook and E-mail.

All I want to say is go Turtle Dirt! We are all cheering you on, and you’re going to rock that 1/2 marathon!

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