Roll Me Away

Cooking for me has always had two sides to it. There is the day-to-day routine of cooking the same thing over and over to satisfy the cravings for the old favorites, or to fill the simple biological need to fuel the body.  It is the very reason that I think that cooking rarely rises to the level of art. What artist must recreate his masterpiece each time a table of eight shows up and it is somebody’s birthday?

Then there is the adventurous side. Where you have to  work to create something to be enjoyed, testing the limits of  knowledge and skills. It is the kind of effort that makes time stand still. It is the freedom that transports you to a place where the soul is satisfied too, if only for a fleeting moment.

Today at dinner there will be a little of both. A tried and true recipe inspired by a little leftover shrimp, that should be exciting and new for many of our diners. Whether or not it is a healthy option depends on how much you eat and what choices you make for sides and accompaniments. It is one of those dishes that just won’t work without the butter.

For healthy options stick to the grilled chicken and the steamed asparagus. Maybe even create a big salad of fresh vegetables and light dressing. It’s even okay to have a few fries. But make sure you save a little corner of your plate for Shrimp Diane.

Healthy food, peeled prawn and chop sticks

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