Falling Off The Wagon

It seems as though everyone had a tough week last week due to illness, mine was not due to illness but more or less stupidity.  About 5 weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers, I have always been a yo-yo dieter who constantly watched what they ate but couldn’t lose weight.  In the first 4 weeks I was down just over 7lbs… then last week happened.

I got busy, busy with work, busy with Grad School, went to see my sister in Des Moines, it was too cold outside to want to eat healthy, etc. etc. etc., I made every excuse in the book.  I WAS busy and I DID want to just eat Dominoes in bed.  To top off all of that, I spent a weekend in a city with wonderful food (Crab Rangoon Pizza for example), and trust me, I ate what I wanted to.  It was all fun and games until I had to weigh in on Wednesday… up 1 pound! Dang it!!!   Being held accountable was the reality check that I needed though; since then I have started to watch and count everything again and am finally down that pound.  I don’t regret that week off, I obviously needed it, but the important part is getting back on track.  There are plenty of wonderful, HEALTHY options that I can eat to fuel my body.  Did you know you can get a healthy loaded baked potato from Calientes for under $3? I load mine up with chicken, black beans, lettuce and very light on the cheese for a total of 7 weight watchers points… and it’s delicious!


8 responses to “Falling Off The Wagon

    • I also love the loaded baked potato from calientes!! tastes great when you load it up with all your favorite toppings…. I do have a question though…. what is the actual price of the loaded baked potato… I think the sign says a different price than what it actually rings up as

      • Hi Nate,
        We apologize for the error, but Du Jour was also serving a baked potato on this day and you were accidentally charged for the Du Jour one instead of the Caliente one. Please feel free to email me at lonsdorl@uwplatt.edu if there is anything else that needs to be addressed with this.
        Thank you,
        Leeann Duwe, marketing coordinator

      • Thank you so much for looking into it. I wasn’t sure what exactly happened. I just wanted to make sure the price posted outside Calientes was the same as what they there ringing up as… I had it happen earlier in the year to and brought it up but I wanted to make sure it was fixed thanks for looking into it.

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