What a Week…..

20130220_165353[1]What I’m enjoying while I post….. yum yum

It’s been a crazy week in the life of Crystal Taylor.  I’m still bouncing back from being sick last week.  Wednesday I came down with a terrible cold/flu.  I gave up on working out while I was under the weather and really focused on feeling better before returning to my normal workout routine.  I tried to stay focused on my diet but with being under the weather, I pretty much stuck with oranges, orange juice, oatmeal and water lots of water.  I did sneak in a slice of BBQ chicken pizza(one of my favorites) on Saturday night when I started to feel a little better.

I did attend my workout class last night.  And let me tell you… it was rough!  I only missed 1 class but I felt like I missed 1 month!  I could tell my body wasn’t 100% better yet.  Maybe Thursday will be easier.  Last night I had to work late at Greenwood Ave. Market and that is always difficult because I get really hungry around 10pm.  I did well and drank two glasses of water and I was fine!  By the time the Market was closed and I drove home I didn’t end up going to bed until 2:30am so I slept through breakfast this morning.  I had a glass of orange juice (left over from being ill) on my way to campus.  I had lunch today with Leeann Duwe, our Marketing Coordinator, at Glenview and enjoyed a serving of potatoes with corn.  I did not add salt or butter to my corn.  I tasked Chef Steve’s pork lo’mein and had a small side salad.  Since I had a fairly decent lunch, I’m only having a fruit & yogurt cup along with celery sticks.  And I tried ½ of an egg roll from Glenview’s Menu this evening.  Working in the food industry, there is LOTS of temptations!!!  Food is all around us and we have to make sure it tastes good for our guests.

My advice for today is all types of food are good in moderation!  I’m not a huge fan of totally watching EVERY thing that I put in my tummy each and every day.   I attempt to eat healthy but one must reward herself/himself every now and then.  And… do some sort of physical activity on a regular basis(3-5 times per week).  Maybe you play a pick-up game of hoops at the PAC or enjoy a long walk with some friends around campus!  BUT GET UP AND DO SOMETHING!!!

5 responses to “What a Week…..

  1. So true with the temptations! It kills me when the bakery is in production downstairs, I always wanna run downstairs and beg for a warm cookie fresh out f the oven! (Good Job Bakers!) Wondering if any of my Dining co-workers wants to be on my 10,000 steps team?? Nate S, you’ve been one of our loyal followers, would you like to join?? E-mail me at hochhaho@uwplatt.edu if you’re interested!

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