Pick Yourself Up

Week 2 of our lifestyle change is here! How are you feeling? I personally had a few challenges this week from being ill. After being down with an upper respiratory infection, I found that getting back on the exercise band wagon was especially hard! The easier thing to do is just to stop the regimen altogether. However, I knew I had to pick myself up and get back into it. After my week is about over, I’m so happy I did! I feel the same about food. If you have a day or just an item that you really want, then have it! But, remember that the next day you’re back on your path of healthy eating. It’s okay to indulge once in awhile, but the key is to remember that it was an isolated incident.

My challenge for you all is to find some sort of an exercise event and sign up for it. There are plenty of options for 5K, 8K or 10K events in every city. You don’t need to run! Walking is just fine! The biggest thing is that you are out doing something active. FYI-the Crazylegs run in Madison is just around the corner!Miles

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