That One Bad Choice

Despite our best efforts it is not everyday that a healthy choice is available on the Platters’ menu. And it is not every day that I want that choice, even if it is available. Case in point, my occasional craving for a Big Mac.

The guilty pleasure of the properly constructed Big Mac is the perfect melding of hot beef patties, melting cheese, crisp lettuce, and secret sauce on a soft bun. Sweet and sour, savory and salty are all there in your hand. The only flavor missing is bitter, unless you count the bitter fact that regular consumption of this will make you fat, and eventually kill you.

So in an effort to stick to my healthy path I will have to get a little creative with lunch today. Fortunately I can start with the Santa Fe entree’ salad, but I will pass on the deep fried chicken and double up on the black bean and corn relish, and light on the dressing please. Then I will take my salad to the main line and add a couple of ounces of pulled pork. Combine that with some fresh fruit from the salad bar and I think that I have accomplished my goal.

Persevere my fellow bloggers and don’t forget to indulge yourself from time to time.

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