My First Hurdle!

Happy Thursday Bloggers!

My first hurdle has presented itself…..invited out to dinner with some friends!  However, there is no need to panic because I managed both my breakfast and lunch very well, knowing I may have a slightly higher calorie dinner.

For some reason Thursdays always seem overly hectic for me. Therefore,  I often  choose to have a quick cold lunch.  I had a Ham and Turkey wrap from Subsational, skipping the cheese and replacing the mayo with fat free ranch.  I added a yogurt and raw carrots from the salad bar for a 400 calorie lunch.  Add that to the apple steel-cut oats and almond milk (240 Calories) I had for breakfast leaves me with about 900 calories for dinner with friends, although I don’t plan on using them all.

Have a great day and don’t let dinner invitations hold you back from enjoying a good time with friends!

7 responses to “My First Hurdle!

  1. Good to hear Eric! I don’t know about that photo though, but we’ll go with it. 😉 Steel cut oats are the best for oatmeal, they keep you fuller longer and are less-processed than the traditional quick oats in most oatmeals. Keep up the good work!

    • In totally agree. I love steel cut oats and old fashioned rolled oats they just seem to have more flavor to them. I generally use old fashioned though because it takes a little less time to good then steel cut and can easily be made in the microwave. I wish I could buy just plain oatmeal at GWAM, have you considered carrying it? I know you have Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar but that is so loaded down with sugars that, I might as well eat a cookie for breakfast. I hope your dinner went well Eric.

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