Tracking Calories and Nutrition

You would be surprised at how many calories you consume in a day. A great way to track this is with a calorie counter. My Fitness Pal offers a free tool for doing this either online or by downloading an app on your smartphone. Here’s the link to their online calorie counter They have the most extensive database, and the smartphone app allows you to scan the bar code on packaged products for instant access to nutritional information. Plus, it’s kind of fun to go around scanning things in your fridge or pantry! If you’ve attempted to keep track of calories before in your head, this calorie counter doesn’t allow you to cheat and helps to keep your cravings in check and to think twice about whether you should really have that sugary pastry. If you try it out, or currently are, or have another resource you would like to share let us know!

Leeann, marketing coordinator

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