Finding my motivation

I am a big guy, who for the the last 10 or 15 years has been getting bigger. So driven by the fact that I need to lose 35 pounds, and also encouraged by my wife to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I joined Weight Watchers as the first step toward my goal. Pair that with the common knock on Glenview Commons that there is no healthy food served here and a blog is born.

My original purpose was to highlight the fact that there are healthy food options on the menu at Glenview Commons. That idea has expanded, with the help of other managers, to include all dining services operations.

Today at lunch I enjoyed of our rosemary marinated chicken breast with a baked potato, toppped with steamed broccoli and a little cheese. Sadly I could not include butter or sour cream, but I don’t deny myself a little indugence from time to time. One weakness is that I have never met a cookie I didn’t like.

I hope that you enjoy following our adventure. Stay healthy.

Chef Steve

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