Excited to start!

Hello everyone!  My name is Eric Egan and  I am the youngest member of the Dining Services management team, 24.  Like many, I have been gradually gaining weight since I graduated high school 7 years ago and honestly never did much to combat the weight gain.  Whenever you take on a challenge like this it is crucial to find motivation to conquer the challenge.  For this reason I am very excited because I have PLENTY of motivation as I look to achieve my weight loss goal.  First,  in early July 13′ I will be welcoming my first born into the world!  I want to be in the best shape of my life because I don’t want to miss anything in my kids life, whether it’s shooting hoops at the park or simply being sick less because of the healthier lifestyle.  Second, my Best Friend and I will be attempting a 2.6 mile swim this summer, hoping to crush our previous record!

I think most of the readers will be shocked once they see the plethora of healthy options they have here on campus.  Furthermore,  I will focus on showcasing the healthy alternatives that are convenient for the “on the go” student as well as the alternatives found in unlikely dining locations  (i.e the Pioneer Haus and Coffee Shops).

Tonight for dinner I enjoyed a turkey and ham wrap from the Subsational line in the Pioneer Crossing.  I loaded the wrap with spinach, tomatoes, onions, and green peppers; skipping the mayo and cheese.  I added a light yogurt and fruit cup from the Pioneer Perk for a meal total of 471 calories.  For me, the most important part of any diet is finishing a meal with no residual hunger, and I was definitively pleased with my dinner tonight.

Happy Eating!!!


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